Web Development Team Leader

  • Tevalis Ltd
  • Hull, UK
  • Aug 19, 2021
Full time Software Development Testing

Job Description


The role primarily focuses on the development and maintenance of applications as part of the continuing growth of the company. The role will be mainly based on the C#/VB.NET WebForms/MVC solutions, with additional opportunities to work on API’s and Web services. The role will require the individual to manage team of developers and assist the Head of Development in meeting deadlines, estimating RFDs and ensuring the department runs smoothly.


KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Web Development Team Leader


The following points make up a large part of the Web Software Developer role and responsibilities; they include but are not limited to:

·        Developing new functionality in the on-premises solutions. Including but not limited to:

o   Integrations with 3rd parties

o   Internal developments

o   Customer requirements

o   New solutions

·        New functionality should, where possible, be written using domain driven development, with a focus on maintaining a service and repository layer.

·        Following the coding standards put in place by the team.

·        Actively looking for improvements while in-between other pieces of work.

·        Documenting guides (where required) and each development when submitting for testing.

·        Supporting the on-premises solutions but providing 3rd line support when required to do so.

·        Supporting other members of the company when required to do so.

·        Provide ideas for team improvements, this is a business that listens to its people, so it is a core responsibility to make your thoughts heard.

·        Act in a way that represents the company in the best way.

·        Mentoring other members of the team and passing on technical knowledge throughout the team.

·        Designing new solutions and new generic implementations of integrations.

·        Specialization of all on-premises solutions with a minimum base understanding of all aspects of the current software life cycle.

·        Reviewing new code & functionality to ensure that coding standards have been used.

·        Identifying areas of code that pose a potential issue to the stability of the on-premises solutions.

·        Managing the day-to-day of their team members.

·        Estimating RFDs or arranging RFDs to be estimated by the team.

·        Ensuring the team is on schedule, and if not flagging with Head of Development.

·        Defining new coding standards, with feedback from other members of their team.

·        Helping the head of development with scheduling when required.

·        Managing Holidays/Sickness/Performance Reviews/Disciplinaries as required by the Head of Development.

·        Ensuring that every member of the team has the correct tools to perform their job effectively.

·        Assisting in the process of hiring new members for the team.

·        Keeping the moral of the team high.

·        A central point of knowledge for the on-premises solutions.

·        An understanding of the webhosting, which is currently IIS on Windows server.

·        At least a basic Understanding of Web technologies, such as Redis, SignalR, caching.

 Personal Qualities


·        Strong interest in technology.

·        Good problem-solving skills.

·        Good timekeeping skills.

·        Positive attitude; managing and eliminating negativity using just and professional methods.

·        Good team player, but also ability to work on own initiative.

·        Good attention to detail.

·        Good communication skills.

·        Good organisational skills.

·        Outgoing.

·        Strong C# & VB.NET knowledge.

·        Good mentorship mentality.

·        Excellent knowledge of on-premises solutions.

·        Ability to inspire and motivate.



General-Other: IT-Software Development, Software-Web Development


35k P/A

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