A fast track route into the Cyber Security Industry?

In 2017 cyber security salaries will soar higher than any other tech specialty, and the profession is growing at a terrific rate.  There has never been a better time to transition into a cyber-security career.

IT professionals already have a huge advantage, with a ready-made CV of relevant experience and transferable skills. And, the ‘transitioning’ process is now faster than ever.

This year, we are launching the UK’s first Government-backed SANS ‘Cyber Retraining Academy’, with training content certified by intelligence agency GCHQ, for people who have never worked in cyber security jobs.

It is a completely free, intensive training programme dedicated to taking people with no cyber qualifications or experience and turning them into qualified, entry level professionals in just 10 weeks.  

Graduates could then secure roles with some of Britain’s biggest employers.  Those who have completed the 2015 SANS’ UK Cyber Academy have since been snapped up by some of the biggest names in the industry and offered exciting security roles.

The ‘Retraining Academy’ application process uses aptitude tests, including a multiple-choice questionnaire, to look for hidden traits gauging the propensity for success in cyber, from puzzle-solving to determination.

For those who qualify, the intensive course includes academic study for leading GIAC certifications and practical ‘hands-on’ work in high-pressure, real-world scenarios. Candidates will be tasked with preventing a national virus outbreak and their ability to hack into IOT devices such as unmanned aircraft. A live ‘portal’ will enable prospective employers to track candidates progress through the course in real-time, so that successful candidates could receive a job offer the moment they graduate.

The ‘Cyber Retraining Academy’ is completely free and those who are selected to take part will start on January 23rd 2017.

So do you think you have what it takes to be a cyber-warrior, and defend Britain online?

Why not try our free aptitude test and see if you could make it through?