Environmental .NET Web Developer

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  • LD3, Talgarth, Sir Powys
  • Oct 29, 2018

Job Description

Agile C# or VB.NET developer to work on a wide range of database and map based conservation and heritage web sites for our environmental government, charity and private client base. This can be anything from historic building recording, rights of way management, red squirrel or bat recording, conservation site management planning to marine reserve mapping. We are looking for people who are: * Passionate and enthusiastic about software development and technology in general. You enjoy coding. You love working out how to solve a problem with an elegant solution. You read techie blogs, may attend user groups and time allowing, you may well have personal side projects. * Smart (more so than your average bear). You probably* have a good academic background, you may well have evolved to become an IT professional from another discipline and could probably work out the Rubik’s cube solution algorithms – if you had to. *We also have great developers that have found non-academic routes into the profession. * Positive and problem solving. Well that’s the core of application development so not only do you take pride in finding solutions, you are also sufficiently self-aware to know when to stop digging, when to ask for help and when to keep going ‘ because ‘you’re nearly there ...’. * Self-motivated, organised and disciplined. Once you understand what is being asked of you and are satisfied that resource estimates are realistic, then you are happy to make the personal commitment to deliver and to manage your time and environment to come good on that commitment. * A life-long learner. You are always trying to do better. You understand the benefits of self and peer review and like to be working in teams that are also looking for ways to improve. You enjoy change. More specifically, you need to have strong experience with: * C# and/or VB.NET * JavaScript * ASP.Net MVC and/or ASP.Net WebForms * User interface design and styling * Web standards & accessibility And any of the following would be a bonus: * JavaScript frameworks, e.g. JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular * SQL Server and/or Postgresql * Mobile app development using Xamarin * Geospatial applications (e.g. QGIS, ArcGIS, OpenLayers, MapServer, GeoServer) * TDD and Unit testing * DevOps, CI * Automated testing * .Net WinForms and WPF Who are we? We are a well-established and respected software consultancy(with 38 staff) with an impressive portfolio of predominantly mapping and database applications used in the environmental and conservation sectors. We have no marketing or sales staff and our continued growth is based largely on the recommendation of existing clients. We are a Microsoft Partner and so work predominantly, but not exclusively, with Microsoft technologies. We also make extensive use of open source software and tools, particularly around mapping. In the end we simply decide on the most appropriate tools for the particular project and the particular client. In the last few months alone, we have been working on dozens of interesting projects for clients including Natural England, RNLI, National Trust, Central Government, Defra, The Ramblers, many local authorities, Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Church of England! More information about the company can be found on our website. Why might you want to work with us? * We have great clients doing great work for wildlife, conservation and communities. We enjoy building tools to help them and they seem to like what we do. * We are not big on hierarchies and role division and although already agile, we are always advancing our approach to build better products and have happier teams. * You really will have the opportunity to refine your role around your own strengths and interests; if you want to meet clients, design, code and deliver all aspects end-to-end, then we will have projects for you. Or, if you prefer to code with the door firmly shut, then we still have a place for you. * We are based in the Brecon Beacons National Park - a great location if you value countryside, outdoor activities and avoiding life-wasting commutes. And you can also work remotely for at least some of the time. * Don’t be fooled by the cuddly nature of our clients and their work. Typically, they require (and we give) a lot for their money and that drives creativity, efficiency and sheer hard work. We see this as a positive. What next? We would like to hear from you if you are truly interested in working with us. If so, please send us: * A CV. * A self-assessment of your technical skills, identifying the number of years’ experience and categorising expertise as: Basic, Working, Advanced or Expert (we’ll leave it to you to decide what these categories actually mean). Deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday 14th November. If you'd like a chat before applying, then phone Michelle or Richard G

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